Best Car Air Fresheners for Smokers [Top 11 Reviewed]

I hope you will agree to me when i say:

 Smoking odors and lingering smells can have a surprisingly nasty impact on the value of your car 

With that said, a car inhabited with the smell of smoke can be a nuisance to you and all the people that have to ride along. Merely sliding the windows down would be a pitiful attempt at flushing out odors. It is nowhere the solution of your smoky problems. Firstly, unless you live by the southern coast you wouldn’t want to disturb the warmth of your car by letting the hostile chilly air in. Secondly, the outside air isn’t even that clean to begin with as you will leave your car vulnerable to traffic dust and all kinds of airborne pollutants. Many people are not even aware of the variety of air cleaning gadgets available in the market.

A decent Air Purifier/Freshener can be the solution to your hygienic concerns and smoking problems. There are a couple different categories of air freshening products which differ by type of methodology used for air cleaning. Some major ones are Bamboo Charcoal Absorption, Air Ionization and Ozone Treatments.

There are a lot of options available for you to choose from either categories and we at GroomYourCar have done the research for you, so you lay back and just choose from the best. Furthermore, we have added some informative guides on “How to extend Activated Charcoals Lifespan?” and “Cautions in using ozone generators

Best Car Air Fresheners for Smokers

Here’s a list of the most efficient car air fresheners you can buy online:

Car WaxesRatingPrice
Febreze Vent Clips Smoke Odor Eliminator  9/10
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Zendora Car Air Purifier 8.5/10
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PURGGO Car Air Freshener 9/10
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QUEENTY HEPA Car Air Purifier 10/10 ( Editor's Choice )
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Angbo Charcoal Bamboo Purifying Bags 9.5/10
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ZERLA Dual-Usb Ionic Air Purifier 8/10
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SimpleAndEssential Unscented Charcoal Air Purifying Bag
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PURE Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Air Purifier
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NWK Portable Ozone Generator
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MyStop Ionic Air Purifier
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FULOXTECH Portable Air Purifier
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1) Febreze Smoke Odor Removal Vent Clips

Why we love it :

  • Easy to use
  • Long Lasting and mess free
  • Variable Level of intensity
  • Act instantly and eliminate stubborn odors

Mask Strong OdorsInconsistent lasting period
Smells Nice and fresh
Reasonable Price

Why you should buy it:

This Product holds the honor of standing up to be the ‘Amazons choice’ when it comes for smoke odor elimination and sweet scent.

2) Zendora Car Air Purifier

Why we love it :

  • Healthy and Therapeutic to use
  • Traps Particles as small as 0.3 Microns
  • Kills Airborne Germs and pollutants
  • Multiple Functionality

Oil Diffusion Option PresentNone
Eliminates All type of odors and pollutants
Blends in with the car nicely

Why you should buy it:

Zendora’s Air Purifier Combines Style with Power while having a conveniently versatile functionality. Ranging from Air filtrations , Odor elimination , Oils and Scent dispensing to Air ionization to kill microscopic allergens.

3) PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Why we love it :

  • Chemical Free and Natural Air purification
  • Eliminates Odor Completely (No Masking)
  • Worlds Longest Lasting Air freshener
  • Need no Pricey refills

Incredible Life timeTakes some time to fully wipe out odors
Chemical Free and Natural
Simple to use

Why you should buy it :

PURGGO Car Air fresheners are known for their 100% Bamboo Charcoal Manufacturing which Absorb Odor in a natural way. This Product is completely chemical free and is proved to be the most healthy and harmless air freshener in this niche.

4) QUEENTY HEPA Car Air Purifier

Why we love it :

  • Elegant Crystal Design
  • 3 Stage Optimal Filtration
  • Supports Dual Usb ports for charging
  • Unique Build with LED Indicator lights

Works on Car Charger so no Batteries requiredThe UnSwitchable Led lights can be annoying to some
Dual USB Charging ports
Compatible with 99% of Cars

Why you should buy it :

QUEENTY holds its position as one of the nifty and top tier air purifiers. With HEPA’s reliable 3 Stage Filtration process, this particular model nails its job. Moreover, this model is not only power efficient it also stands out for its design and elegant build.

5) Angbo Charcoal Bamboo Purifying Bags


Why we love it :

  • Trap and absorb all kinds of odors
  • Great Value for 8 packs
  • 100% Chemical Free Natural Materials
  • Versatile Uses and Easy to handle

Effective odor removalNone
No Energy Consumption
Mess free

Why you should buy it:

Angbo is well known for its Air Cleaning Products. For this particular Angbo product they have targeted a more organic and natural way of odor removal and air filtration. As it utilizes the Bamboo Charcoal Absorption Process, in which the dust and other pollutants are trapped inside the porous charcoal as air passes through.

6) ZERLA Dual-Usb Ionic Air Purifier

Why we love it :

  • Dual USB Ports
  • Compliments the car interior
  • Quick Action
  • Smoke killer

Higher Ion Infusion rate giving clean air 17% fasterThe Effects kick in over time and not immediately
Dual Usb ports for Simultaneous Device charging
Ozone Scent smells familiar and calming

Why you should buy it :

ZERLA’s Air Ionizer is a symbol of power and the enemy of cigarette smoke. This bad boy releases 5.63 million negative ions per cubic centimeter in your car for a massive force fighting smoke odors and other pollutants in air. A slight scent of ozone in the air might resemble a monsoon rain shower’s.

7) SimpleAndEssential Unscented Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Why we love it :

  • Works in all situations
  • Comes in a cute linen bag
  • Ready to go as it arrives
  • Chemical free natural air purification

Long Effective LifeNeutralizes all Scents good or bad
Pre-Activated Charcoal
Fits in every smelly situation

Why you should buy it :

SimpleAndEssential truly live up to the name with this product. This Charcoal bamboo bag is not only healthy and simple to use but also quite effective with the porous bamboo charcoal mixed with other absorbents like sepiolite, diatomite, bentonite, and attapulgite. These are lab tested and are absolutely non toxic to human body.

8) PURE Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Air Purifier

Why we love it :

  • Slick Clean Design
  • First Model to Support Quick Charge
  • Nice Deodorizing scent
  • Comes with FREE 3 in 1 USB cable

Dual USB 3.0 Quick Charge CapabilitySlightly priced higher than others
Minimum Noise
Nice lemon scented Freshener
Quality Stainless steel Gloss Body

Why you should buy it :

PURE’s Air Deodorizer is one of the most well known devices for odor neutralization. Killing Pollutants by diffusing SAFE levels of Ozone in your car. It Deodorizes SMOKE, mold, food, Human odors and many more. While the ionizer removes dust particles, pollen, pet dander and other allergens with a massive number of 5.6 million ions active in the air.

9) NWK Portable Ozone Generator

Why we love it :

  • Anti Misoperation Design
  • Totally Eradicates Any type of Odors
  • Fits Conveniently in your car’s cup holder
  • Auto Shutdown

Cordless and Easy to handleOzone Smell can be irritating
Economical Price for professional work
Strong Battery

Why you should buy it :

NWK’s Portable Ozone Generator can deodorize virtually any Odor, Specially if you are trying to refresh a worn down second hand car with lingering odors of god knows what.

10) MyStop Ionic Air Purifier

Why we love it :

  • The Freshener releases brain pressure
  • No Noise at all
  • Cherry Scented Freshener
  • Easy to use

Mentally StimulatingSome Heavy odors might take some time
Cherry Scent smells nice
Perfectly Safe and effective

Why you should buy it :

MyStop adds to the list with its own exquisite piece of air freshening. MyStop’s Air purifier has a unique design and no physically moving parts and subsequently no sound, hence named ‘silent killer‘.

11) FULOXTECH Portable Air Purifier

Why we love it :

  • Convenient Portability ( Handheld Size )
  • Multi Colored Indicator lights
  • Long Lasting battery
  • Cute and Futuristic design

Incredible Standby timeNone
Control over Activation scheduling
Optimal for Car use

Why you should buy it :

FULOXTECH’s Portable Purifier is a mini ozone generator with looks of a flying saucer. Its 360 degrees ozone releasing design and 4mg/h rate of emission make the process of odor removal much stronger and faster than bamboo charcoal bags or odor absorber gels. Therefore, its perfect for odor elimination in small spaces like cars or closets etc.

Conclusion :

The above mentioned car fresheners are comprised of the combined reviews by our research team and many other buyers in order to analyze each product very carefully making sure they can cope with the buyer’s requirements and expectations. The list consists of only the best of the best. So this list will definitely help you in finding the perfect air freshener for your car.

More Information

How to extend Activated Charcoals Lifespan?

Activated Bamboo Charcoal Products usually have a lifespan of 1-2 years but they will wear out faster if not maintained by appropriate method. Carbon Regeneration is a process which is includes temperature-based desorption phenomenon. Activated Carbon Absorbs gas particles from on its large surface area by a process of physisorption, caused by weak nonspecific interactions  between gas molecules and carbon surface and unlike chemisorption, this process is reversible and can be undone by a relatively small increase of temperature. Sunlight is the best way to accomplish this.

Put your bamboo charcoal products under direct sunlight for 3-5 hours , and repeat this every month. This process regenerates your charcoals absorption capabilities and it is replenished for the fight against your car odors.

Cautions in using ozone generators

Study and Research proves ozone diffusion to be an effective way of removing odors but research also shows the health risks revolving around continuous ozone intakes of medium to high levels of ozone. While Ozone is a naturally existing gas which so far as provide safe heavens for us to live on this earth, it is not actually healthy to breathe as freely as oxygen. The reason being the unorthodox reactions between ozone and you lungs. This might seem scary for those who use ozone generators in there day to day lives but REST ASSURED!

The ozone levels in your car are rather small and ozone generators usually release the gas for short durations and take significant pauses in between consecutive ozone discharges. The devices are scientifically designed for minimal health risk. Even so the companies themselves advise the users not to breathe ozone mixed air for long periods. Moreover, the distinct smell of ozone clearly indicates its presence, while ozone holds no significant risks for normal people it can negatively effect people with Asthma or other breathing problems. Try to blow out odors while the car is not in use or try not to spend too much time in ozone mixed air.