8 Best Car Air Conditioner Cleaners You Can Get Online [Reviewed]

car air conditioner to get online

I hope you can agree with me when i say:

 A clean car says a lot about you. And a clear car is a happy car. 

With that being said, it is evident that cleaning and maintaining the condition of your car shows quite obviously on itself. The well preservation of your car will not only ensure that it runs well, but also that it looks almost as if it is brand new!

However, there is only ONE problem. As every car’s body, their parts and components, paint and kind is different. They all require different methods, techniques and products to be cleaned with. Ergo, finding the best car air conditioner cleaner for your car can prove to be a challenge.

Which is why, after spending several hours on research, collecting data and reviews, i have compiled for you a list of the best of the best air conditioner cleaners you can find online. Furthermore, i have also added guidelines on “How To Get Rid Of Mold In Car Air Conditioner”, “How to Clean Car AC Evaporator”, and “Tips on Cleaning Car Air Conditioner” for additional help.

The Best Car Air Conditioner Cleaners 2021:

The top car air conditioner cleaners are given in the table below

Air Conditioner CleanersRatingsPrice
K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit 10/10 (Editors choice)
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Joint Stars Car Cleaning Gun 8/10
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Armor All Premier Car Care Kit 9/10
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Adams All Purpose Interior Detailer 9/10
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Chemical Guys Inner Clean Detailer & Protectant 9/10
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Tomine Car Cleaning Gun 8/10
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Air Pulse Vehicle Interior Cleaning gun 8/10
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CARFKA High Pressure Car Cleaning Gun 9/10
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1. K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit:

Why we love it?

  • Cleans all kinds of oiled air filters
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Includes Power Kleen to cut through tough grease
  • Revises air vents efficiency

Restores your vents to its original stateAerosolized oil can get very chaotic
Fair price
Easy to follow directions
Its squeeze bottle targets your targeted spots on the filter

Why you should buy it?

2. Joint Stars High Pressure Car cleaning Gun

Why we love it?

  • High Cleaning Speed
  • Strong Cleaning Power
  • Widely used
  • Spray bottle to clean and dry quickly

Cleans in all the cracks and crevasses of your carUnless you have a big compressor, the high pressure will not work as well
Cuts through the toughest impurities with high pressureTime consuming to install equipment
Suitable for any area inside the car
Easy to carry

Why you should buy it?

3. Armor All Premier Car Care Kit

Why we love it?

  • Wide range of products to clean and protect your car
  • Includes an on the go Air freshener pump spray
  • Restores your car to its original state
  • Includes a multi-purpose cleaner for your interior

Comes with all purpose microfiber towelsLiquid products have a high risk of leaking in their packaging
Cleans through stains without leaving marks
Products come in individual zip lock bags

Why you should buy it?

4. Adams Interior Detailer

Why we love it?

  • All purpose
  • Microban and Antimicrobial protection from germs
  • Can be used as an air freshener
  • Provides UV protection

Leaves no marks or sheen behindSlightly stronger smell
Doesn't leave a slippery feel to your gear shifter or interiorExpensive
A great general cleanerNot a good cleaner for radios, or touchscreen interior

Why you should buy it?

5. Chemical Guys Clean Detailer & Protectant

Why we love it?

  • Quick details, spray cleans, protects interiors
  • Has a gentle baby powder scent
  • Safe to use on glass, plastic, leather and more!
  • Leaves a high gloss detail on the surface

All purposeUses a small amount to clean larger surfaces
Non greasy, matte finishSlightly stains interior
Does Not remove scuff marks inside door panelsUnpleasant smell

Why you should buy it?

6. Tomine Car Cleaning Gun

Why we love it?

  • Anti-blocking functions
  • Versatile wash gun
  • High quality, efficient AND durable
  • Air regulating function

Works lighting fastCan get clogged
InexpensiveBrush is a little weak
Cleans without damaging interiors

Why you should buy it?

7. Turbo Clean Pro Vehicle Cleaning Gun

Why we love it?

  • Air pulsive interior gun
  • Innovative design
  • High pressure cleaning gun
  • Saves time & Money

InexpensiveRequires a high pressure compressor
Perfect for interior, engine, wheels, everything!
Cleans without damaging interiors

Why you should buy it?

8. CARFKA High Pressure Car Cleaning Gun

Why we love it?

  • Premium quality durable spray gun
  • Advance car wash brush
  • Comes with a high quality microfiber cloth
  • User friendly

Adjustable mist flowRequires a large compressor
High quality and durable
Microfiber cloth leaves no marks

Why you should buy it?

How To Get Rid Of Mold In Car Air Conditioner:

If you have been smelling a mold like smell that kicks in when you turn on your air conditioning. Then don’t worry, you don’t have to bear it any longer. Use the following techniques to remove the build up of moisture in your vents. Remove your ACs odour through the help of a good mildew fighting spray.

Such as the Nexzett kilma cleaner. Turn the engine off of your car and use the sprays nozzle into every single vent. Make sure you get through all the way back to the backseats and hit the vent in their feet, as they pump the most air.

After spraying, turn your car back on and adjust the AC to its maximum power and blast the fan to circulate the air system in your car. (Make sure your car doors are closed at this point to ensure the circulation). After blasting air in your car for at least 5 minutes, run your car with the AC off for an additional 5 minutes to dry out and prevent mold and mildew from establishing again. And now you’re good to go!

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How to Clean A Car’s AC Evaporator:

Step 1: Inspect your air conditioning system

Find the air conditioning system under the hood of your car. You should be looking for the evaporator assembly. The plastic encased box should be protruding outward from the firewall.

Step 2: Access the evaporator core

Remove the resistor block that mounts the side or top of the heater box.

Step 3: Spray your cleaner

With the help of an effective evaporator cleaner, like the ones we have mentioned above, use it to spray it in the system and let it sit for at least one and a half hour.

Step 4: Rinse with water

Once the spray/liquid/foam has cut through all the grease,grime and dust. You should now lightly rinse it with water. Rise the insides with it or use a spray bottle

Step 5: Seal the system

Seal the heater box after cleaning. Run your vehicle for half an hour with the heater set to hot and the blower set to its highest setting to dry the system completely and you’re done!

More Information

Tips On Cleaning Car Air Conditioner:

Here are some tips you can use to ensure the quality of your air conditioner!

Make sure to clean your cabin filter. Replace your air filter every 12,000 or 15,000 km or once a year. If not, then clean it with an air compressor to blow off dust.

Brush/wipe the fans. Turn your engine off and let it cool. After this, reach towards the fan blades under the hood of your car and clean it.

Clean your car condenser. Simply spray it with water to clean off any dirt and let it air dry.

After all these cleaning and guidance you should be able to feel an improvement in the performance of your cars air conditioning.


Exposure factors for cleaning, automotive care, and surface protection products for exposure assessments

 So use the information above, buy these home helpers NOW to get your car to its original state. And remember, a clean car is a happy car!