5 Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]

spark plugs for horsepower

Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower

So i hope you agree with me when i say:

 “Continuing to drive with worn out or damaged 

spark plugs can cause engine damage” 

Your car’s engine cannot start without a spark plug. So it is very important to keep good care of your spark plug. However spark plugs tend to deteriorate by time and not changing a bad spark plug can cause engine damage. The only way to prolong this issue and to get benefits of changing spark plugs is to always use the best spark plugs you can find for your car from the get-go.

 Fortunately, we have done the research to provide you with not only original, but the best spark plugs for horsepower you can find in the market at a reasonable cost.

We have also included some information about “Platinum vs Iridium Spark PlugsSo you can find the best spark plugs for horsepower according to your demands.

Best Spark Plugs For Horsepower 2021:

Here are our top picks for the Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower money can buy:

Best Spark PlugsRatingsPrice
NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plugs8/10
Check Price
E3 Power Sports Spark Plugs9/10
Check Price
DENSO #4503 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs8/10
Check Price
Bosch Automotive Iridium Spark Plugs10/10(Editor's Choice)
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NGK 6441 ZFR6FIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plugs9/10
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Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower1) NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plugs

Why We Recommend It?

  • Improved Fuel Consumption
  • Lower Emissions
  • Quick Starts

Long Lasting

Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower2) E3 Power Sports Spark Plugs

Why We Recommend It?

  • Professional Grade
  • Can Handle Intense Conditions
  • Yttrium-Enhanced Alloy

Durable None
Good Conductivity

3) DENSO #4503 PLATINUM T T Spark PlugsBest Spark Plugs for Horsepower

Why We Recommend It?

  • Twin Tip Design
  • Titanium-Enhanced Platinum Alloy
  • Minimized Erosion

Unique designConductivity Decreases With Time
Well Protected

Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower4) Bosch Automotive Iridium Spark Plugs

Why We Recommend It?

  • Laser Weld Fuses
  • 0.6mm Fine Wire Firing Pin
  • No Anti-Seize

Long LastingNone
Great Conductivity
Durable and Well Protected
Best Spark Plugs for Horsepower

5) NGK 6441 ZFR6FIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plugs

Why We Recommend It?

  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Superior Anti-Fouling
  • Extreme Ignitability

Great conductivity
Long Lasting


Finding best spark plugs for horsepower are not as easy as they sound. Unlike other parts, performance spark plugs  are generally easy to replicate in the market. So finding a good and original spark plug can prove to be a very arduous task.

The list above was made after the combined effort of the consumers and our research team. The list contains the best Spark Plugs for horsepower of a car. Much care is usually not needed regarding spark plugs but it would still be advised since a bad plug can potentially cause harm to the engine and as the saying goes:

“A well kept vehicle provides a far better experience than a poorly kept one.”     

More Information

Platinum vs Iridium Spark Plugs

Sparks like to jump around to the sharpest point from the center electrode to the sharpest point of the side electrode. So these points ought to be durable to withstand constant sparking. Therefore materials like Copper, Platinum and Iridium are used to create these points.

Platinum Spark Plugs

A Platinum Spark Plug consists of platinum electrode tips (as the name suggests). The benefit of using platinum spark plugs is that due to the high melting point of platinum, it can outlast many copper and other kinds of spark plugs by a gap. But that also means it has lesser conductivity than these metals. On the plus side this leads to more stable current flow but the raw performance suffers quite a lot.

Iridium Spark Plugs

Iridium Spark Plugs are the best when it comes to handling heat. Not only do they have higher melting points than platinum and last longer but they also do not suffer from that backlash as platinum. With great conductivity, an iridium spark plug is your go-to if you want the best spark plug. But due to iridium being very expensive, the price of iridium spark plugs is naturally higher than platinum or copper.


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