7 Best Car Polishes for Metallic Paint to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]

best car polish for metallic paint

So i hope you agree with me when i say:

 “The polish and shining is a major deciding factor when it comes to the looks of a car” 

As fellow car enthusiasts, we know how much that glossy shine matters for your car. Whether it be metallic paint or a standard one, a car should always look good.

Unfortunately normal polishes can loose their luster in a very short time and can also damage your paint in some cases. It sucks when your love and care backfires.

For that to never happen, we at GYC have compiled a free list of the Best Car Polish for Metallic Paint and a quick guide on “How to properly polish a car” for better understanding.

Best Car Polish For Metallic Paint 2021:

Here are our top picks for the best car polish for metallic paint available:

Best Car PolishRatingsPrice
Chemical Guys Polish and Compound Kit10/10(Editor's Choice)
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Carfidant Polish & Paint Restorer8/10
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3D One - Cutting, Polishing, and Finishing Compound8/10
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Turtle Wax 53412 Hybrid Solutions Polish and Wax9/10
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Ethos Handcrafted Car Care Polish 9/10
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Nu-Finish NF-76 Liquid Car Polish8/10
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Aerolon Tech Shine Polymeric Car Polish  Wax Coating8/10
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1) Chemical Guys Polish and Compound Kit

Why We Recommend It?

  • Micro Abrasive Technology
  • Silicone or Fillers Free
  • Better Clarity

Optical GradeNone
Enhanced Precision
Dynamic finish

2) Carfidant Polish & Paint Restorer

Why We Recommend It?

  • Premium Grade Chemical
  • Safe For Any Paint Color
  •  High Buffing Capabilities

Made In USANone
Easy Scratch & Swirl Repair
Long Lasting

3) 3D One – Cutting, Polishing, and Finishing Compound

Why We Recommend It?

  • Hybrid High Quality Polish
  • Water Based
  • Mostly Formulated On Natural Materials

Delivers True Paint CorrectionNone
Removes Heavy Scratches
Long Work Time

4) Turtle Wax 53412 Hybrid Solutions Polish and Wax

Why We Recomm

end It?

  • Hydro-Activated Formula
  • Synthetic Wax Polymers
  • Precision Polishing Agents

SiO2 Polymers None
Extreme Water Beading
Increases Depth of Color

5) Ethos Handcrafted Car Care Polish 

Why We Recommend It?

  • Aerospace Grade Sealant
  • Long Lasting Effects
  • Non Stick

Hydrophobic EffectsNone
Vibrant Shine
Lasts 10X Longer Than Traditional Carnauba Waxes

6) Nu-Finish NF-76 Liquid Car Polish

Why We Recommend It?

  • Waxless Formula
  • Protects Shine & Gloss
  • Specifically Formulated for Paint and Clear Coat Finish

All In OneNone
Impressive Shine and Protection Without Rubbing or Buffing
Long Lasting

7) Aerolon Tech Shine Polymeric Car Polish  Wax Coating

Why We Recommend It?

  • Forms a Hydrophobic Crystal film
  • Offers great Metallic Paint Protection
  • Anti Stick

Protects Against Harsh WeatherNone
Water-Based Formula
Great Shine


Finding best car polish for metallic paint is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike other parts, good car polishes are generally hard to find in the market. So finding a good and original car polish for metallic paint can prove to be a very arduous task.

The list above was made after the combined effort of the consumers and our research team. The list contains the best car polish for metallic paint of a car. Much care is usually not needed regarding these polishes but it would still be advised since a bad car polish can potentially cause harm to the paint and as the saying goes:

“A well kept vehicle provides a far better experience than a poorly kept one.”     

More Information

How to Properly Polish a Car

  • Park your car in a shady area (sunlight can dull your polish by drying the residue on the paint quicker) and make sure to clean it before applying any kind of polish.
  • Rinse the vehicle with a hose to properly clean any large bits of debris and dirt.
  • Apply an Automotive Soap on the car’s surface.
  • Choose an appropriate polish for your car and a good orbital polisher and a pad.
  • Dampen the pad and make sure it stays that way during the process or you might risk burning your paint.
  • Pour some polish on the surface of the pad and put the polisher on the surface of your vehicle.
  • Start with the lowest speed and gradually work your way through in clean vertical and horizontal circular motions.
  • Apply light and steady pressure and move on when the paint finish becomes visible.
  • Wash and rinse the car again once you have applied polish to all of your car.
  • Apply wax on your car’s clear coat paint as polishing can make the paint vulnerable to sunlight.
  •  Buff up the Wax with a microfiber towel
  • Enjoy a brilliant shine and finish on your car.


Preparation of Car Polish