Toyota Prius Battery Replacement Cost in 2021 [Guide]

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Toyota Prius is one of the finer models of hybrid cars. 

The rave since the early ’20s hasn’t died down yet, even in 2021. This green car which is not only fuel-efficient but popular amongst all ages of consumers brought to the car industry an almost revolutionary change.prius battery replacement cost

Toyota Prius is a car that drives energy from both electric and gasoline sources. Both of this functioning independently and being used as alternate sources. A hybrid car at its finest. With this car, it’s hard to run out of power!

What makes Prius so popular?

Apart from the obvious benefit mentioned above, Toyota Prius comes with many more functional benefits. In terms of its built, consumers have enjoyed the spacious features of the car which is not only comfortable but stylish as well. With excellent stereo systems, a user-friendly sleek dashboard, and voice command!

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the maintenance cost is lower than most cars and, with the hybrid using half the fuel normal cars use, no wonder it is so popular. Another financial benefit is the resale value of the car and the profit generated by sellers.

The inclusion of safety features and control over responsive steering remains the ranking features!

Despite the cut down on costs over the years, a problem arises after the 10-year estimated lifespan of the hybrid battery ends. A warranty is guaranteed for about 8 years, 150,000 miles, and this could vary according to place.

If you’re reading this as a Prius owner of fewer than 8 years, your manufacturer will replace the battery for you at no cost. This proves to us the importance of going over the car warranty carefully at the time of purchase.

Those owners who are nearing the end of their Prius battery life are on their way to join a pool of owners who’re faced with two difficult choices. To replace the battery or purchase a new car? Both come at great costs. Is the cost to replace a battery in Prius worth it?

We’re here to talk about the Prius car battery pack replacement cost in detail. Let us help you make your choice!

The Science Behind Hybrid Batteries

Here’s all you need to know about hybrid batteries before we jump on talking about the Prius battery cell replacement:

How does it work?

When we hear the term ‘hybrid car’, we think of complicated systems. Although the composition of a hybrid car is pretty complicated, its functionality is fairly simple. Think of a hybrid battery as a rechargeable battery.

A Prius works with both gasoline and electric systems which work at separate times depending on the speed you’re driving at. This makes it especially good at providing horsepower for long periods.

The two systems can collaborate, during higher accelerations and driving force, due to split transmission of power, or work in isolation. The physics at work here is torque.

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An innovative mechanism in Prius is regenerative braking. Instead of using the active power of the fuel or battery, the two systems are shut off allowing for the power of the tires to work which then gets stored in the battery.

The secondary functions such as the use of car lights and air conditioning are powered by the battery. You might be wondering, what does it cost to replace Prius batteries? We’ll soon discuss that after a breakdown of the mechanism.

Here’s a guide for in-depth information regarding hybrid batteries!


Plug-Ins vs Full Hybrids:

Toyota Prius might have a well-ranked hybrid car in these past few years, but it’s not the only one. There are many other models and car brands that produce hybrid cars.

Among these many models are two distinct hybrid systems: Plug-ins and Full hybrids. The main difference is in their way of altering between systems.

While a hybrid system works by using the combustion engine and electric battery systems interchangeably, that’s not the case with plug-ins. Not only is the plug-in system directly non-rechargeable, but the shift between the two systems also has to be made through a plug-in.

Being a full-hybrid system definitely gives Toyota Prius an upper-hand, making the cost of replacement of the Prius battery hefty, and is another reason for its popularity!

Symptoms of a Failing Hybrid Battery

Before diving into the Prius battery change cost breakdown, it is important to consider if you’re spotting the right symptoms.

How does one tell if the battery pack is finally giving in? While some of these signs are pretty obvious, others get looked over often.

Here’s a list of signs to keep an eye out for:

  • A falling MPG:

One of the earliest signs, a fall in your fuel usage is definitely an indicator. A Prius hybrid is supposed to function in a way that increases your miles per gallon. If you see a sudden decrease in the fuel economy, there’s likely to be an issue with your battery as it’s not doing its work.

  • Erratic changes in charge:

Ever seen your battery levels fall in a span of moments? That’s probably due to the overheating of your battery. It’s a sign to start searching up, Prius hybrid battery replacement near me.

  • Greater usage of the ICE:

If you notice your internal combustion engine running, or if it kicks in at random times, that’s a warning sign. If this is the case with you, shift to the Toyota Prius car battery replacement cost section.

  • Strange engine noises:

One of the more noticeable signs, the sudden emergence of engine sounds means two things: your engine is running more than it should and is probably damaged as well due to the overheating of the battery.

Now that you’re aware of the warning signals, it is time to go to your nearest mechanic or a specific Toyota hybrid mechanic (the latter is preferred) and look at battery replacement options and costs for your Prius.

So, what does it cost to replace Prius batteries? Read on to find out!

How Much Does a Prius Battery Cost to Replace?

Here is the awaited answer to your most troubling question. Looking at the general breakdown of a Toyota Prius battery replacement costs gives you an idea of where to stand and what fits within your budget,

Keep in mind that before replacing the battery on your own, take a look at your warranty and see what it covers. It’s always better to upgrade to newer models since the battery life extends!

The first thing to understand is that the cost will vary depending on a few factors. One of them is the dealership you choose. In general, a hybrid battery replacement would cost you anywhere between $2,200 and $4,100. Now, whether it’s a Prius Prime battery or a Gen 2 Prius hybrid battery causes the price to change as well. It might slightly vary from model to model.

While this cost is obviously lower than the cost of a whole new Prius, remember that a Prius C battery replacement cost, just like for any other workstation job, would require extra charges known as labour charged. Keeping in mind that the Prius 12v battery is quoted as a complication, know that an expert will be hired and that the cost will definitely increase.

There are options, however, to cut down on your bill. You could always go for a used or refurbished battery as a replacement and that could cost you $1500 or more. Read this person’s story to know more!

It is of utmost importance that you explore your market, look at different dealerships, and receive know-how of the mechanics’ work before you actually start paying. You don’t want to spend bucks on a battery and find out it’s not working in a month.

In terms of time, a battery replacement takes about three hours in general for a Toyota Prius.


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How to Make the Most Out of Your Dead Battery?

All of this talk about replacement costs with additional labour costs might sound depressing. You might be wondering why the Prius battery pack is so expensive. The most complicated the parts, the higher the price, it’s as simple as that.

These one-of-a-kind batteries are produced in small quantities and are costly to produce. That’s why the replacements cost a lot.

But there is one pleasant surprise!

Before you discard your old dead battery, there can be a deduction from the Prius battery change cost through core credit. This is a deduction from the battery Prius replacement price.

Your old battery is recycled which is not only better for the environment, but you’re compensated for that.  The only additional costs you’ll suffer from are labour costs. And if you’re smart with the marketplace, you can avoid a bank-breaking amount there as well!

In general, $1,350 will be deducted from your Prius battery replacement price which can vary slightly as mentioned above due to a few factors. The old battery gets put into a program established by Toyota and is recycled!

How Long Does Warranty Work For?

As mentioned beforehand, it is important to look at your car’s warranty and confirm if you still have a warranty. In most cases, a battery’s lifespan is 10 years (300,000 miles), and the warranty is for 8 years (100,000 miles). Unless, you have a lot of money to spare, keep an eye out for the extended warranty.


How Can I Make My Prius Battery Last Longer?

Although a dead battery is inevitable considering the lifespan of a hybrid battery, there are ways in which you can extend the battery life of your car and Prius battery cell replacement for a short time.

It should be no surprise that, just like the other components of your car, this component also requires care and attention, and sometimes repairing.

Every hybrid electric car ventilates through a cooling pack that is needed for the effective functioning of all your cars components at an optimum temperature.

  • Make sure the HEC cooling system is checked and cleaned every year.
  • Every 1.3 years or so, have the cooling filter checked by locating the cooling cabin. It should be serviced and cleaned. The last thing you want is your air filter getting clogged. There would be no ventilation and it will lead to a hot mess for you and the battery pack!
  • We are trying to avoid overheating in the worst scenario and inefficient functioning of the car.
  • Lastly, look out for the signs above, stay head of the warnings, know when the time is up, and either get it replaced during the warranty period or upsell for a good value.
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In a Word:

We hope that, after reading through our Prius car battery replacement cost analysis guide, you were able to gain an understanding of what hybrid batteries are, why the Prius battery is expensive, looked at the breakdown of the battery replacement costs, and, most importantly, figured out if it is worth your money.

Although the main factor to look at here is budget, sometimes it is better to go for a costly option as it is usually better in terms of longevity and durability.

Even though Prius is a great car, renowned for its gas mileage, if not looked after, it can become costly to manage. That is why it is always wise to look out for signs and act accordingly!



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