How Long Does it Take to Charge a Tesla? [Guide]

how long tesla chargeI hope you agree with me when I say:

 Some research before purchase saves you plenty of questions afterward

A large investment like a car should not be done overnight and requires some research. You should know what you are getting into because it is a big deal. Tesla is the hot topic these days, when you know something will help you save the world it should be bought immediately but that too requires information.

To help you out I have researched for you and I will guide you if you can charge a Tesla at home and how long does it take to charge a tesla at home. We will be discussing the charging requirements of model 3, model x, model s, etc. By the end, you will know how long does it take to charge a Tesla car.

Furthermore, other important questions like how do you charge a tesla on the road? or what is the tesla charging cost estimator? will be answered here. The conclusion of this article will lead you in the right direction.

What is the cost to charge a Tesla?

The Tesla home charger cost varies from state to state. The net cost is according to the rate of electricity per unit in each state. It can be either $21 or $6. The location and several other factors decide the numbers that you spend on each charge.

A great solution to bring down this cost and save a great deal of money is by getting Solar panels installed. Sollar panels can be a great investment. It will cost a fortune when installing but that would be the only expenditure you would have to make on electricity for a long time.


how do you charge a tesla on the road

If you are not convinced of other sources of electricity then you should be aware of different methods that can make tesla last for many more miles. You should avoid putting unnecessary and excessive pressure on the accelerator because it is a huge factor that the Tesla battery is dedicated to. Moreover, no need to unnecessarily rotating the steering wheel because that also takes up a lot of battery.

The battery life of a Tesla car battery is affected when you charge it too frequently. If you want to control the costs then you should only charge when it is about to finish. Unnecessary charging will destroy the battery’s health.

How long does a tesla charge last?

You might have an idea that the battery life of a car depends upon the type and kind of battery that you are using. To know how long the tesla charge is actually to know what kind of battery is suitable for your car. For the model S of the Tesla car, the battery limit is 370 Miles. A Model S Tesla can drive up to 370 miles in one full charge.

370 miles is the longest range that is found in any kind of electric car, this will continue to be like this if the battery life is being taken care of. This model of tesla has a 100 kWh battery. Many EV chargers are compatible with this battery. The advantage of this battery is that if you are on the road and the battery runs out you will be able to find a compatible charger quite easily.

Charging station types

There are two types of charging stations, 240 v level 2 chargers and 120 v level 1 chargers. The most convenient one is the level 1 charger as they can be simply plugged into your own home without causing you much nuisance.


The 240 V charging station of level 2 requires a 50 amp circuit. Once it is installed it would be really helpful for you. The most amazing thing about the level 2 charging station is that it will charge up the car six times faster than the level 1 charging station. So if you are doing tesla charging at home you know exactly which one to choose.

The best solution to where to charge your Tesla is at home and when you know how long does a tesla model-S takes to charge with a level 2 charging station, it is the best option to have a level 2 charging station installed in your house. It will be beneficial in every way, it would save you from waiting in long lines at the charging stations, and since charging, stations are not that common it is best to have them in your own house.

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How to do tesla charging at home? 

It is important to know how long it takes to charge a Tesla at home. There is no doubt that if you have a Tesla it will take a lot of your time charging but there are certain important factors that need to be kept in mind. Like how much battery does it already have when you begin to charge it. Keeping everything in mind The charge time of a Tesla battery can be from one hour to twelve hours to charge the battery to its fullest.

Upon the purchase of a Tesla car, any model (model 3, model x and model s, etc) you will be given a bunch of adapters with it. Each of those adaptors serves a different purpose. An adaptor only works with outlets that support 240V, another adaptor in those supports specific charging stations. These adaptors are for different situations that may come your way.

If you want to know if you can charge a Tesla at home overnight then yes you totally can have your car on charging for the night. What slows down the process of charging is the slowest charging system that is NEMA 5-15, this system is supported by the standard outlets. The working of this is somewhat similar to that of a cloth dryer.

To charge a tesla model s NEMA 5-15 system is suitable and efficient. It will take only a few hours to charge tesla model s if you still didn’t know how long does it take to charge a tesla model s.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla battery?

There are so many questions that need to be answered when it comes to Teslas and their charging, for example, how long does it take to charge a tesla with a supercharger or can you charge tesla from a portable battery. There are few main things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to charging and its duration for a Tesla electric car. On a charging station, it is possible to charge your car up to 120 kW per car. This would mean that it will take only 20 minutes for your car up to 50 percent battery.

The working of every electric car is quite different from each other and it depends upon the models and the versions of the car that you own. The placement of the battery can also be a factor in how long does it take to charge a tesla electric car.

Tesla uses a Lithium-ion battery of an 85kWh unit and if the battery is standard then it uses 60kWh. The type of battery you choose will affect the entire working of your car so it is best to weigh out the pros and cons before you choose the one. The total charging time will also be influenced by the type of battery you use.

To reduce the charging time use a 240-volt socket. It will shorten the charging duration significantly and it will take less time to charge a Tesla car battery. This socket provides 31 miles of driving per hour of charging.  So to get a full battery before you start a long journey you need nine hours of charging to have a full battery.

To speed up the process of charging even more you can always have twin chargers in your car and use them alongside the wall charger. The wall chargers are usually 240-volt wall connectors. This will lessen the time it takes to charge a tesla. The battery will be charged in almost four hours and forty-five minutes.

On most of the public stations, you have the advantage to charge up to 22 miles per hour according to the standard charging time. The time can be lessened or increased by the type of battery that you may use. Battery type can affect how long does it take to charge a Tesla car.

Battery types

There are different battery types available, each type has different specifications and uses so it is best to learn about it before you choose one for your car.

  • The standard battery type has 60 kWh units and it will last 232 miles. This suits those who do not have long routes to go places. It is not a little number but it is smaller as compared to others.
  • Another battery type if of 85 kWh. This one is comparatively more powerful and it can go up to 300 miles. This powerful battery is expensive hence it is stronger than the standard battery. The price of this battery is almost $10000.

how long does it take to charge a tesla with a supercharger

Charging process

A battery has two parts, a part has positively charged ions and the other one has negatively charged ions. When the battery is in use positively charged kept losing their electron and keep moving towards the negative side. Battery dies when all ions are negatively charged.

The charging up of the battery actually recharges the negatively charged ion so they move back to the positive side. This constant losing and gaining of the electron affect the battery’s health and it gets weaker with time. This constant back and forth movement is the reason a battery’s health life decreases. So you should be careful about how long does it take to charge a Tesla car.


To conclude this guide I would hope that you now know how long does it take to charge a tesla and its models either it is model 3, model x, model s, or even a Tesla truck. Several factors are weighed when you have to buy an electric car but the most important one is its battery life.

All these guides fail next to the experiences a person might go through with your car. An electric car owner might be able to guide you better but it is always best to know what you are getting into beforehand.

 If you know how long does it take to charge a tesla electric car then do not wait around and go get yourself a Tesla now. 

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