How Long Does it Take to Charge a Tesla? [Guide]

how long does it take to charge a tesla

how long tesla chargeI hope you agree with me when I say:

 Some research before purchase saves you plenty of questions afterward

A large investment like a car should not be done overnight and requires some research. You should know what you are getting into because it is a big deal. Tesla is the hot topic these days, when you know something will help you save the world it should be bought immediately but that too requires information.

To help you out I have researched for you and I will guide you if you can charge a Tesla at home and how long does it take to charge a tesla at home. We will be discussing the charging requirements of model 3, model x, model s, etc. By the end, you will know how long does it take to charge a Tesla car.

Furthermore, other important questions like how do you charge a tesla on the road? or what is the tesla charging cost estimator? will be answered here. The conclusion of this article will lead you in the right direction.

What is the cost to charge a Tesla?

The Tesla home charger cost varies from state to state. The net cost is according to the rate of electricity per unit in each state. It can be either $21 or $6. The location and several other factors decide the numbers that you spend on each charge.

A great solution to bring down this cost and save a great deal of money is by getting Solar panels installed. Sollar panels can be a great investment. It will cost a fortune when installing but that would be the only expenditure you would have to make on electricity for a long time.


how do you charge a tesla on the road

If you are not convinced of other sources of electricity then you should be aware of different methods that can make tesla last for many more miles. You should avoid putting unnecessary and excessive pressure on the accelerator because it is a huge factor that the Tesla battery is dedicated to. Moreover, no need to unnecessarily rotating the steering wheel because that also takes up a lot of battery.

The battery life of a Tesla car battery is affected when you charge it too frequently. If you want to control the costs then you should only charge when it is about to finish. Unnecessary charging will destroy the battery’s health.

How long does a tesla charge last?

You might have an idea that the battery life of a car depends upon the type and kind of battery that you are using. To know how long the tesla charge is actually to know what kind of battery is suitable for your car. For the model S of the Tesla car, the battery limit is 370 Miles. A Model S Tesla can drive up to 370 miles in one full charge.

370 miles is the longest range that is found in any kind of electric car, this will continue to be like this if the battery life is being taken care of. This model of tesla has a 100 kWh battery. Many EV chargers are compatible with this battery. The advantage of this battery is that if you are on the road and the battery runs out you will be able to find a compatible charger quite easily.

Charging station types

There are two types of charging stations, 240 v level 2 chargers and 120 v level 1 chargers. The most convenient one is the level 1 charger as they can be simply plugged into your own home without causing you much nuisance.


The 240 V charging station of level 2 requires a 50 amp circuit. Once it is installed it would be really helpful for you. The most amazing thing about the level 2 charging station is that it will charge up the car six times faster than the level 1 charging station. So if you are doing tesla charging at home you know exactly which one to choose.

The best solution to where to charge your Tesla is at home and when you know how long does a tesla model-S takes to charge with a level 2 charging station, it is the best option to have a level 2 charging station installed in your house. It will be beneficial in every way, it would save you from waiting in long lines at the charging stations, and since charging, stations are not that common it is best to have them in your own house.

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How to do tesla charging at home? 

It is important to know how long it takes to charge a Tesla at home. There is no doubt that if you have a Tesla it will take a lot of your time charging but there are certain important factors that need to be kept in mind. Like how much battery does it already have when you begin to charge it. Keeping everything in mind The charge time of a Tesla battery can be from one hour to twelve hours to charge the battery to its fullest.

Upon the purchase of a Tesla car, any model (model 3, model x and model s, etc) you will be given a bunch of adapters with it. Each of those adaptors serves a different purpose. An adaptor only works with outlets that support 240V, another adaptor in those supports specific charging stations. These adaptors are for different situations that may come your way.

If you want to know if you can charge a Tesla at home overnight then yes you totally can have your car on charging for the night. What slows down the process of charging is the slowest charging system that is NEMA 5-15, this system is supported by the standard outlets. The working of this is somewhat similar to that of a cloth dryer.

To charge a tesla model s NEMA 5-15 system is suitable and efficient. It will take only a few hours to charge tesla model s if you still didn’t know how long does it take to charge a tesla model s.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla battery?

There are so many questions that need to be answered when it comes to Teslas and their charging, for example, how long does it take to charge a tesla with a supercharger or can you charge tesla from a portable battery. There are few main things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to charging and its duration for a Tesla electric car. On a charging station, it is possible to charge your car up to 120 kW per car. This would mean that it will take only 20 minutes for your car up to 50 percent battery.

The working of every electric car is quite different from each other and it depends upon the models and the versions of the car that you own. The placement of the battery can also be a factor in how long does it take to charge a tesla electric car.

Tesla uses a Lithium-ion battery of an 85kWh unit and if the battery is standard then it uses 60kWh. The type of battery you choose will affect the entire working of your car so it is best to weigh out the pros and cons before you choose the one. The total charging time will also be influenced by the type of battery you use.

To reduce the charging time use a 240-volt socket. It will shorten the charging duration significantly and it will take less time to charge a Tesla car battery. This socket provides 31 miles of driving per hour of charging.  So to get a full battery before you start a long journey you need nine hours of charging to have a full battery.

To speed up the process of charging even more you can always have twin chargers in your car and use them alongside the wall charger. The wall chargers are usually 240-volt wall connectors. This will lessen the time it takes to charge a tesla. The battery will be charged in almost four hours and forty-five minutes.

On most of the public stations, you have the advantage to charge up to 22 miles per hour according to the standard charging time. The time can be lessened or increased by the type of battery that you may use. Battery type can affect how long does it take to charge a Tesla car.

Battery types

There are different battery types available, each type has different specifications and uses so it is best to learn about it before you choose one for your car.

  • The standard battery type has 60 kWh units and it will last 232 miles. This suits those who do not have long routes to go places. It is not a little number but it is smaller as compared to others.
  • Another battery type if of 85 kWh. This one is comparatively more powerful and it can go up to 300 miles. This powerful battery is expensive hence it is stronger than the standard battery. The price of this battery is almost $10000.

how long does it take to charge a tesla with a supercharger

Charging process

A battery has two parts, a part has positively charged ions and the other one has negatively charged ions. When the battery is in use positively charged kept losing their electron and keep moving towards the negative side. Battery dies when all ions are negatively charged.

The charging up of the battery actually recharges the negatively charged ion so they move back to the positive side. This constant losing and gaining of the electron affect the battery’s health and it gets weaker with time. This constant back and forth movement is the reason a battery’s health life decreases. So you should be careful about how long does it take to charge a Tesla car.


To conclude this guide I would hope that you now know how long does it take to charge a tesla and its models either it is model 3, model x, model s, or even a Tesla truck. Several factors are weighed when you have to buy an electric car but the most important one is its battery life.

All these guides fail next to the experiences a person might go through with your car. An electric car owner might be able to guide you better but it is always best to know what you are getting into beforehand.

 If you know how long does it take to charge a tesla electric car then do not wait around and go get yourself a Tesla now. 

Toyota Prius Battery Replacement Cost in 2021 [Guide]

prius battery replacement cost

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Toyota Prius is one of the finer models of hybrid cars. 

The rave since the early ’20s hasn’t died down yet, even in 2021. This green car which is not only fuel-efficient but popular amongst all ages of consumers brought to the car industry an almost revolutionary change.prius battery replacement cost

Toyota Prius is a car that drives energy from both electric and gasoline sources. Both of this functioning independently and being used as alternate sources. A hybrid car at its finest. With this car, it’s hard to run out of power!

What makes Prius so popular?

Apart from the obvious benefit mentioned above, Toyota Prius comes with many more functional benefits. In terms of its built, consumers have enjoyed the spacious features of the car which is not only comfortable but stylish as well. With excellent stereo systems, a user-friendly sleek dashboard, and voice command!

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the maintenance cost is lower than most cars and, with the hybrid using half the fuel normal cars use, no wonder it is so popular. Another financial benefit is the resale value of the car and the profit generated by sellers.

The inclusion of safety features and control over responsive steering remains the ranking features!

Despite the cut down on costs over the years, a problem arises after the 10-year estimated lifespan of the hybrid battery ends. A warranty is guaranteed for about 8 years, 150,000 miles, and this could vary according to place.

If you’re reading this as a Prius owner of fewer than 8 years, your manufacturer will replace the battery for you at no cost. This proves to us the importance of going over the car warranty carefully at the time of purchase.

Those owners who are nearing the end of their Prius battery life are on their way to join a pool of owners who’re faced with two difficult choices. To replace the battery or purchase a new car? Both come at great costs. Is the cost to replace a battery in Prius worth it?

We’re here to talk about the Prius car battery pack replacement cost in detail. Let us help you make your choice!

The Science Behind Hybrid Batteries

Here’s all you need to know about hybrid batteries before we jump on talking about the Prius battery cell replacement:

How does it work?

When we hear the term ‘hybrid car’, we think of complicated systems. Although the composition of a hybrid car is pretty complicated, its functionality is fairly simple. Think of a hybrid battery as a rechargeable battery.

A Prius works with both gasoline and electric systems which work at separate times depending on the speed you’re driving at. This makes it especially good at providing horsepower for long periods.

The two systems can collaborate, during higher accelerations and driving force, due to split transmission of power, or work in isolation. The physics at work here is torque.

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An innovative mechanism in Prius is regenerative braking. Instead of using the active power of the fuel or battery, the two systems are shut off allowing for the power of the tires to work which then gets stored in the battery.

The secondary functions such as the use of car lights and air conditioning are powered by the battery. You might be wondering, what does it cost to replace Prius batteries? We’ll soon discuss that after a breakdown of the mechanism.

Here’s a guide for in-depth information regarding hybrid batteries!


Plug-Ins vs Full Hybrids:

Toyota Prius might have a well-ranked hybrid car in these past few years, but it’s not the only one. There are many other models and car brands that produce hybrid cars.

Among these many models are two distinct hybrid systems: Plug-ins and Full hybrids. The main difference is in their way of altering between systems.

While a hybrid system works by using the combustion engine and electric battery systems interchangeably, that’s not the case with plug-ins. Not only is the plug-in system directly non-rechargeable, but the shift between the two systems also has to be made through a plug-in.

Being a full-hybrid system definitely gives Toyota Prius an upper-hand, making the cost of replacement of the Prius battery hefty, and is another reason for its popularity!

Symptoms of a Failing Hybrid Battery

Before diving into the Prius battery change cost breakdown, it is important to consider if you’re spotting the right symptoms.

How does one tell if the battery pack is finally giving in? While some of these signs are pretty obvious, others get looked over often.

Here’s a list of signs to keep an eye out for:

  • A falling MPG:

One of the earliest signs, a fall in your fuel usage is definitely an indicator. A Prius hybrid is supposed to function in a way that increases your miles per gallon. If you see a sudden decrease in the fuel economy, there’s likely to be an issue with your battery as it’s not doing its work.

  • Erratic changes in charge:

Ever seen your battery levels fall in a span of moments? That’s probably due to the overheating of your battery. It’s a sign to start searching up, Prius hybrid battery replacement near me.

  • Greater usage of the ICE:

If you notice your internal combustion engine running, or if it kicks in at random times, that’s a warning sign. If this is the case with you, shift to the Toyota Prius car battery replacement cost section.

  • Strange engine noises:

One of the more noticeable signs, the sudden emergence of engine sounds means two things: your engine is running more than it should and is probably damaged as well due to the overheating of the battery.

Now that you’re aware of the warning signals, it is time to go to your nearest mechanic or a specific Toyota hybrid mechanic (the latter is preferred) and look at battery replacement options and costs for your Prius.

So, what does it cost to replace Prius batteries? Read on to find out!

How Much Does a Prius Battery Cost to Replace?

Here is the awaited answer to your most troubling question. Looking at the general breakdown of a Toyota Prius battery replacement costs gives you an idea of where to stand and what fits within your budget,

Keep in mind that before replacing the battery on your own, take a look at your warranty and see what it covers. It’s always better to upgrade to newer models since the battery life extends!

The first thing to understand is that the cost will vary depending on a few factors. One of them is the dealership you choose. In general, a hybrid battery replacement would cost you anywhere between $2,200 and $4,100. Now, whether it’s a Prius Prime battery or a Gen 2 Prius hybrid battery causes the price to change as well. It might slightly vary from model to model.

While this cost is obviously lower than the cost of a whole new Prius, remember that a Prius C battery replacement cost, just like for any other workstation job, would require extra charges known as labour charged. Keeping in mind that the Prius 12v battery is quoted as a complication, know that an expert will be hired and that the cost will definitely increase.

There are options, however, to cut down on your bill. You could always go for a used or refurbished battery as a replacement and that could cost you $1500 or more. Read this person’s story to know more!

It is of utmost importance that you explore your market, look at different dealerships, and receive know-how of the mechanics’ work before you actually start paying. You don’t want to spend bucks on a battery and find out it’s not working in a month.

In terms of time, a battery replacement takes about three hours in general for a Toyota Prius.


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How to Make the Most Out of Your Dead Battery?

All of this talk about replacement costs with additional labour costs might sound depressing. You might be wondering why the Prius battery pack is so expensive. The most complicated the parts, the higher the price, it’s as simple as that.

These one-of-a-kind batteries are produced in small quantities and are costly to produce. That’s why the replacements cost a lot.

But there is one pleasant surprise!

Before you discard your old dead battery, there can be a deduction from the Prius battery change cost through core credit. This is a deduction from the battery Prius replacement price.

Your old battery is recycled which is not only better for the environment, but you’re compensated for that.  The only additional costs you’ll suffer from are labour costs. And if you’re smart with the marketplace, you can avoid a bank-breaking amount there as well!

In general, $1,350 will be deducted from your Prius battery replacement price which can vary slightly as mentioned above due to a few factors. The old battery gets put into a program established by Toyota and is recycled!

How Long Does Warranty Work For?

As mentioned beforehand, it is important to look at your car’s warranty and confirm if you still have a warranty. In most cases, a battery’s lifespan is 10 years (300,000 miles), and the warranty is for 8 years (100,000 miles). Unless, you have a lot of money to spare, keep an eye out for the extended warranty.


How Can I Make My Prius Battery Last Longer?

Although a dead battery is inevitable considering the lifespan of a hybrid battery, there are ways in which you can extend the battery life of your car and Prius battery cell replacement for a short time.

It should be no surprise that, just like the other components of your car, this component also requires care and attention, and sometimes repairing.

Every hybrid electric car ventilates through a cooling pack that is needed for the effective functioning of all your cars components at an optimum temperature.

  • Make sure the HEC cooling system is checked and cleaned every year.
  • Every 1.3 years or so, have the cooling filter checked by locating the cooling cabin. It should be serviced and cleaned. The last thing you want is your air filter getting clogged. There would be no ventilation and it will lead to a hot mess for you and the battery pack!
  • We are trying to avoid overheating in the worst scenario and inefficient functioning of the car.
  • Lastly, look out for the signs above, stay head of the warnings, know when the time is up, and either get it replaced during the warranty period or upsell for a good value.
Couple is buying new car and signing the contract

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In a Word:

We hope that, after reading through our Prius car battery replacement cost analysis guide, you were able to gain an understanding of what hybrid batteries are, why the Prius battery is expensive, looked at the breakdown of the battery replacement costs, and, most importantly, figured out if it is worth your money.

Although the main factor to look at here is budget, sometimes it is better to go for a costly option as it is usually better in terms of longevity and durability.

Even though Prius is a great car, renowned for its gas mileage, if not looked after, it can become costly to manage. That is why it is always wise to look out for signs and act accordingly!



Transmission Repair and Cost in 2021 [Guide]

transmission cost and repair

transmission cost and repair I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Is my transmission shot? 

A scary thought for every driver, expert or novice, everyone learns of the importance of the transmission soon enough. The first clunking sound during a gear shift would send down shivers for any driver.

If you were a smart driver, you’d know better than to ignore it. After all, as time goes by, the damage increases, and does the transmission repair needed and its cost.

Fortunately, you’ve landed on this page. In our transmission repair cost guide, we comprehensively help you avoid or fix this problem. Starting from understanding the mechanics of transmission to understanding what causes the faults to give a detailed breakdown of the costs of the different solutions like repairing a transmission. Looking at transmission repair or replacements cost estimates is an essential step.

Stick with us to find out which option fits your budget best!


Understanding the Mechanics: What Does a Transmission Do?

All of us are quite aware of the role of an engine, the powerhouse of a car. The energy stored or provided by the engine is regulated by another essential part called the transmission. The transmission is responsible for allocating the right amount of energy needed to accelerate the car, decelerate it, or use power to tow heavy objects.

This is why it is a vital part. There are two ways a transmission functions: automatic and manual. Manually, you’d shift gears like in a bicycle, whereas in automatic transmission the car does the work for you using sensors and torque.

Now is the time to realize how important the role of the transmission is. Imagine the transmission failing, your car would malfunction and lead to terrible consequences. Before you start googling, “transmission replacement near me”, understand what might be causing the issue.

How much does a new transmission cost?

Buying from the best-remanufactured transmission company would easily cost you between $1,800 to $3,400.

That’s why it is important to look at repairing options beforehand!



How to Tell if Your Transmission is Acting Up?

This is perhaps the most important part of our transmission repair cost guide. Knowing these symptoms is essential for every driver, these help you know when it’s time to repair a transmission.

Refusal to shift

One of the earliest yet subtle signs of a transmission failure is the lack of response from the gear. Feeling like there’s a delay when shifting gears, a sensation of the stick getting stuck can be indicators. However, this sign is most visible with manual transmission.

Transmission Fluid Leakage

This is the easiest symptom to recognize. ATF is responsible for the smooth working of the transmission, that is to minimize friction.

If you see bright red fluid under your car, the leakage is prominent, and you need to get to the closest workshop. If the liquid is close to a brown colour, it is burnt and that indicates that the damage is greater and that you require faster inspection.

Burning odour

We talked about burnt AFT above but a similar sign that is easy to recognize is a burning odour that is not necessarily accompanied by fluid leakage.

The burning odour, which resembles an acidic smell, is an indicator that your gear is overheating and that it’s time to look for “transmission replacement near me” options.

Jerking and Clunking

When AFT stops performing its function, it is indicated by the sound of metals clashing. The clunking sound, also categorized as whining or humming, is often hard to decipher.

Since there are many causes for this kind of sound, it is important to have an expert diagnose it.

The jerking is characterized by the failure of the gear shift. Although it is easier to detect in manual gear shift, a sensation of ‘slipping’ can be caught by the rapid trembling of the vehicle. A sign to start looking at transmission repair and cost!


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What Might Have Caused It?

The best way to not break your bank on a new transmission or in repairing an existing one is the prevention of its failure.

Looking out for these causes is a great way of preventing irreversible damage. If you pay attention, you’ll realize that most of the causes and symptoms have to do with the lubrication of the hydraulics or the use of AFT.

The best way to ensure prevention is to keep the parts clean and lubricated.

Low Transmission Fluid

As discussed above, the transmission fluid not only acts as a lubricant but is essential in the functioning of hydraulics.

Lack of this fluid leads to a bunch of associated problems such as grinding of metal parts due to friction, which leads to overheating and the loss of a safe operating inner temperature.

Another problem is the loss of inner pressure which leads to the gears slowing down during a shift and eventually a complete refusal to shift.

For an average driver, it is essential to change it every 2.5 years to 5 years.

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Transmission Fluid Leakage

One of the first things a mechanic will tell you when dealing with low transmission fluid is to check for fluid leakage. If you often see pools of red liquid, that’s your valuable (and expensive) AFT there. You’re losing money and wasting an important lubricant for your gears.

The most important step here is to examine common leak areas and apply a sealer. Determining whether the leakage is happening from the input seal or output, or even the gasket is important.

If you can’t identify it yourself, going to a workshop and having an expert examine it is always a better option.

Clogging of Fluid Filter

Your transmission fluid filter is responsible for preventing any

dangerous materials to create havoc on your gears. It filters out dust and even harmful metal particles before they can cause problems for your engine.

However, with time, like any other filter, this filter can become clogged up and prove to be a dead-end causing all these harmful bits to create problems for your car. It is essential to regularly clean your filter or replace it.

Although replacing seems to be a more convenient option, not many people want to spend bucks on a new filter every year. There are ways to unclog the filter manually using brake cleaners and brushes. Here’s a guide that might help you out.

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Replacement Vs Repair

An average driver usually doesn’t even realize that their transmission needs fixing, much less what kind of fixing is required. A transmission is made up of several bits, in hundreds, damage to any part would lead to malfunctioning.

Depending on the severity of the damage, your transmission might require minor repairs with the respective repair costs, replacement of one part or all, or a complete rebuild of the transmission. Let’s look at the respective options with the transmission repair and cost estimate!

Transmission Replacement

If your car is new, it would be a good option to trade or sell your current transmission. You could also go for certain types of replacement such as shift solenoid replacement which is basically the replacement of the valve that controls the flow of liquid during transmission.

It can cost anywhere between $150-$400.

Q) How much does manual transmission replacement cost?

An average manual transmission replacement can easily cost you $1,800-$3,500. Complete new replacements lead to $3000 to $8000. With the additional transmission replacement labour cost, the bill can expand by $450 to $850, depending on your mechanic.

Transmission Repair

A transmission repair is essentially the same as a transmission rebuild. You can replace broken parts and work with damaged ones. It is the cheapest method and will work for cars that haven’t been used for too long and have sustained less damage comparatively.

Similarly, when looking at how much transmission repair costs, the used transmission repair cost is obviously going to be higher.

Q) How much does it cost to repair a transmission?

The answer here really depends on the kind of damage your transmission has sustained. Prices can easily go from $300 to $1,500 to $2,500-$4,500, for severe damage.


Is it worth replacing a transmission?

Usually, the transmission replacement costs are much more affordable. A rebuild costs more in most cases. However, there is the issue of durability. Most people believe that the underlying issue will return over and over again and build up huge costs towards the end.

In that case, it is worth replacing a transmission. Likewise, if you plan on trading or selling your car soon, or if it’s new, replacing might be better.

In the end, it solely depends on your needs and budget.

Is it cheaper to rebuild a transmission or replace it?

Again, this matter is highly subjective as well. Technically, a complete rebuild costs more, and with the labour costs, even more than a replacement.

Tips & Ways to Save Money on Solutions

When it comes to fixing cars, a lot of money is involved. With spontaneous problems that pop out of nowhere, there’s no telling when you’ll need to use your saved up bucks. It is a real pesky deal. Most people can’t afford the grand option of complete rebuilds or the extravagance of labour costs. Here is what you can do while you save the cost for an expert makeover.


  1. Most cars come with a warranty. Looking at your contract, you should be able to tell what the warranty encompasses. If your car is new, it is even better to use this option. The manufacturer might fix the problem for you.
  2. Try repairing on your own to avoid labour costs. Although keep in mind, a transmission has 800 parts, and that’s no easy job.
  3. Used transmissions can be good replacement options, they will let you off by $1000 or so. You will get better results this way too. However, the cost difference isn’t much.
  4. Lastly, you do realize that this problem wouldn’t be caused if prevention took place. Keeping your car clean and ensuring your gears are well lubricated is of utmost importance. Keep an eye out for the symptoms and look out for the causes. It’s always better to take your car for a check over the span of a few months!



In a Word:

Well, we hope after all that reading you were able to understand the mechanics behind transmissions, learnt what signs to look out for, became more aware of possible underlying causes that often get overlooked, and, most of all, managed to find the answer you came looking for.

It is of utmost importance to maintain the transmission you already have instead of having to spend bucks on finding good replacements and accommodating labour costs. No one wants to experience the nerve-racking, and in most cases, a life-threatening situation of gear malfunction, and later pay a great deal for effective solutions.

The best way to have a good transmission is by maintaining the one you already own (and paid for). It’s pretty simple!


Inspection and Repair for Electronic-Controlled System Troubles in Automatic Transmission of Honda Accord Car

10 Symptoms of a Bad Serpentine Belt【Guide】

10 Symptoms of a Bad Serpentine Belt

 Engines might be the main source of power for your car. But a lot more is required to keep the other accessories moving, and that is where belts come in. 

It’s a fact that not all cars have similar designs, however, you’ll find belts, pulleys, chains in each of them.

Not all cars will have a single belt to power all the accessories but most of them do. So, serpentine belt problems can cause many different issues which can cost a lot to fix.

To avoid that, I came up with an idea to write this guide about 10 Symptoms of a bad serpentine belt to help you avoid the hassle of wasting money.But before we start, do check out more of our maintenance guides on transmission repair and cost  & Why does my car shake when I accelerate? to keep your car in tip-top shape

What Exactly is a Serpentine Belt?

As I’ve talked about it briefly in the intro, it’s a single constantly moving belt that runs a lot of necessary accessories in your cars. So, before you look into the bad serpentine belt symptoms, getting to know a bit more about this important rubber belt cannot be of harm.

This constantly moving belt is usually connected to your alternator, power steering pump, AC compressor, and water pump with pullies, belt tensioners, etc. In some cars, the water pump will not be part of this cycle and will be connected with the timing chain or belt.

Now a serpentine belt failure can cause all these connected components to stop working or even fail, and it can be dangerous as well if you’re on the move.  That’s why a serpentine belt should be regularly checked especially after 50000 miles or 5 years of use. 

Catching the early serpentine belt symptoms or even replacing it periodically even without the symptoms can help you avoid a major catastrophe. For example, serpentine belt failure can cause your water pump to fail, leading to engine overheating, which can, in turn, lead to head gasket failure, and much more.

How Do You Know if Your Serpentine Belt is Going Bad?

Now that you have a faint idea about what exactly are these belts, and how do they work. Let’s get you into the 10 most common symptoms of a bad serpentine belt. Although remember, not every car will get similar serpentine belt problems symptoms. So, recognizing the exact symptom is the key.

Most of the bad serpentine symptoms can be caused by some other moving part as well, so getting it diagnosed by a professional is always recommended if you are not sure or you’re scratching your head finding the source. Anywho, let’s list some of the most common bad serpentine belt symptoms.

Weird Screeching or Squeaking Noises

Noises such as screeching or squeaking can definitely count as a bad serpentine belt sound, however, the source of the sound is not always because of the belt itself. There are pulleys attached to each and every component, and these pulleys have bearings inside them. A slipping belt, a failing bearing, or tensioners

To verify what is causing the noise, you need to have a closer look. But in most modern cars, your belts might be hidden beneath some plastic cosmetic beauty covers. So carefully check your owner’s manual to know the exact method of removing it, or call an expert.

Once you can see the belt itself, spray some water on of the pullies to check if the noise stops, if it does. Then it’s a bad serpentine belt sound, not pullies. Although it does not necessarily mean that the belt needs to be replaced, you can have a misaligned or loose belt as well or it can be a Symptom of Bad Belt Tensioner.

Loss of Power in Power Steering

Since the power steering is usually a part of the serpentine belt cycle, loose, misaligned, or a bad serpentine belt can cause loss of power in your power steering. So, if your power steering is stiffer or not working like it used to, it can be an indication of bad serpentine belt symptoms, a failing power steering pump, or pullies.


Battery Dies or Doesn’t Charge

Just like the power steering pump, the alternator is also connected with the serpentine belt, and you get a battery indicator on your dash or a dead battery. It can be one of those broken serpentine belt symptoms. So before you panic, and opt for an expensive alternator, do check your serpentine belt to know it’s still intact.

A broken serpentine belt will not only cause your battery to die, but it will also cause issues such as power steering failure, engine overheating, and dead Aircon. However, if it’s not the belt, you might a bad alternator, find out more about alternator from our related guide on Can A Car Run With Bad Alternator?


No Aircon, or a Badly functioning Air Conditioner

The most common early failing serpentine belt symptoms are low cooling or no cooling at all in the air conditioner of your car or the power steering failure.

A slipping bad serpentine belt will cause loss of power to power steering and air conditioner functioning. However, air conditioner performance issues can be caused by other issues such as failing compressors, low gas levels, etc.

But the first thing to check is the serpentine belt and pullies of the air conditioner compressor. If the bearing inside the pully is getting stiff or about to get stuck, it can cause premature wear to the belt itself. However, you will be able to hear some squeaking sounds.

Car Overheating (No Water Circulation)

If your car’s water pump is connected to a serpentine belt instead of a timing belt or chain, chances are a broken serpentine belt will overheat the engine and can provide instant symptoms.

Overheating can be caused by many other reasons, such as low coolant levels, a stuck thermostat, or a clogged radiator. But if it’s sudden, do have a look at your serpentine belt.

A good tip is to turn on the heat in your car to see if hot air comes out, if it doesn’t, you either have no water circulation in your cooling system or the coolant level is low.

Worn-out belt (Cracks or visible damage)

Since all the serpentine belts are made out of rubber, with regular wear and tear they can extend or get hard. When a rubber belt gets harder it can form cracks that can eventually lead to breaking.

However, the good news is, you can easily check if your belt is wearing out by a visual or feel inspection. If it’s easy for you, I recommend removing the belt and slightly bending it back to see if there are cracks. Please only do this if you cannot spot visible cracks.

Cracked serpentine belt symptoms are not always easy to find without a visual inspection. Because if you’re still wondering “what happens when a serpentine belt goes bad?” well a lot. However, more on that later.

Oil or coolant on Serpentine belt

Not one of those direct bad serpentine belt symptoms, however, still can be considered as a cause for failure. So, if you find oil or coolant on your serpentine belt during regular inspections, chances are that either your engine is leaking oil or the water pump is leaking coolant.

A wet serpentine belt will fail sooner rather than later, so getting the issue fixed before installing a new one. Otherwise, you might keep wondering that why does my serpentine belt keeps shredding or starts failing prematurely.


More Symptoms that you Might Notice

Wobbly belt

Another reason for many serpentine belt problems is a misaligned belt. To make sure that your belt is not misaligned, check all the pullies to see if your belt is riding straight on them. If pullies are riding straight but the belt is wobbling, chances are your belt is misaligned.

However, if the pullies are not riding straight, you do need to get it checked and fixed or replace it. If you’re getting a belt squeak, a wobbly belt can be the answer.

Bad Idler Pulley Bearing

Another reason for squeaking noise is when the bearings in your idler pullies start to go bad. These idlers’ pullies are used to route the belt properly around the engine. They don’t really put pressure on the belt, however, they do freely spin with the belt.

If the bearing starts going bad, your belt will have to work harder to spin that bearing and will cause squeaking noises. So, periodically replacing these bearing is always recommended.

Bad Tensioner Pulley bearing

A spring-loaded or hydraulic belt tensioners put enough tension on the belt to keep it working smoothly. However, if the belt starts wearing out and slips, the tensioners might not be able to provide perfect tension. Or if the bearing starts seizing up, the tensions will cause belt failure or you might even get a belt that will come off.

Symptoms of Bad Belt Tensioner

Some of the most common bad serpentine belt tensioner symptoms include the following

  1. You get grinding noises or even squeaking noises
  2. Belt wear is not even
  3. Snapped belt, which can cause the above-listed symptoms


If you didn’t know much about the function and importance of a serpentine belt, this guide was the best place to land at. While the importance of this cheap part is now obvious, it’s is often forgotten. So, catching early symptoms, performing periodic maintenance is always necessary.

You can avoid  10 Symptoms of a bad serpentine belt by taking all the precautionary measures as on as you come in contact with just the one or the time limit exceeds. Although wait! before you go, check our FAQ box at the end to get more of your questions answered regarding the serpentine belts. I hope that after reading this guide, you now know how to tell if the serpentine belt is bad?


How long is a serpentine belt supposed to last?

A serpentine belt is usually designed to last five years of 50,000 miles minimum. However, it depends on the conditions that your car is operating in and the quality of the belt as well. Some can last above 100,000 miles. But it’s always better to replace it at around 50,000.

How to know when to replace the serpentine belt?

Replace the serpentine belt at regular maintenance intervals of 50,000 miles or 5 years or if you face any of the above-listed symptoms.

What causes a serpentine belt to break?

There are many things that can cause a serpentine belt to break such as a stuck bearing or a cracked serpentine belt. If your belt is weak, and your pulley bearing starts failing, it can easily snap of your belt in half.

What happens to a car when the serpentine belt breaks?

When your car serpentine belt breaks, you’ll immediately lose functions to the essential accessories of your car such as power steering, Air conditioning, Water pump, and the alternator. The power steering issue will be the first one that you’ll notice. Moreover, you may also notice the air con, however, until the car overheats you might not notice the water pump overheating.  However, without the power steering, you’ll most probably come to a halt beforehand

What happens when a serpentine belt breaks while driving?

If a serpentine belt breaks while driving, it can be pretty dangerous especially considering it controls the power steering. If it breaks you can lose control of the car and it can lead to a catastrophe. Moreover, your car can instantly overheat and cause your head gasket to leak.

What does a bad serpentine belt sound like?

Most of the time, you’ll be able to notice squeaking noise. However, it’s not always the case, so visual inspection is always recommended. To diagnose the squeaking noise refer to this video below:


7 Best Car Engine Oils to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]

best car engine oils

 I hope you agree with me when I say this:

 Fuel might be food for your vehicle, but Engine oils for cars are the ultimate life support 

That being said,  if you don’t opt for quality car oils, engine longevity & reliability cannot be expected. But when it comes to engine oils, you get an ample amount of options to choose from, which can lead you to scratch your head & opt for the wrong one for your car.

So, keeping that in mind, I researched & came up with a list of the best engine oils for your car. In this list, you’ll find performance engine oil from the top 10 engine oil brands in the world. Moreover, for your convenience, I have included a FAQ at the end to help you get the most out of this car oil guide.

So, without further ado, let’s begin our best engine oil guide

Best Car Engine Oils in 2021:

Here are my top picks for the best car engine oils in 2021:

Engine OilsRatingPrice
Castrol Edge 
10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Check Price
Amazon Basics Motor Oil10/10
Check Price
Pennzoil Platinum Fully Synthetic9/10
Check Price
Liqui Moly 2332 Leichtlauf9/10
Check Price
Shell Rotella T6 Fully Synthetic9/10
Check Price
Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech9/10
Check Price
Mobil 1 Extended Performance8/10
Check Price

1. Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Why We Love It?

  • Powered by Fluid Titanium Technology
  • Available from 5W-20 to 5W- 60 Viscosity range
  • Over 15,000 miles range
Fully syntheticCan increase oil consumption in old cars
Provides Smoother Engine performance
Budget-Friendly Price

2. Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Why We Love It?

  • Available in Synthetic & Conventional Varients
  • Very affordable 
  • Available in nearly every Viscosity 
Endorsed by Scotty KilmerBad oil level markings on old jugs
Synthetic priced like Conventional
Highly rated

3. Pennzoil Platinum Fully Synthetic

Why We Love It?

  • Increases Engine Smoothness & Performance
  • Comes with Superior performance additives
  • Amazing Engine cleaning ability
Engine Noise ReductionLeakage issues with quart containers
Made with Natural Gas
Very Few Impurities

4. Liqui Moly 2332 Leichtlauf High Tech

Why We Love It?

  • Keep your Engine Squeaky clean
  • Greatly reduces engine oil consumption
  • Retains its original color even after 6k miles
100% Fully syntheticA bit expensive
Improves mileage

5. Shell Rotella T6 Fully Synthetic

Why We Love It?

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Reduces oil consumption with turbo engines
  • Loved by Motorcyclists
Very Affordable PricingBad Packaging by Amazon
Reduces Engine Maintenance cost
Quick startup in cold weather

6. Liqui Moly 2024 Synthoil Race Tech GT1

Why We Love It?

  • Recommended Oil for BMW M series
  • Revives performance on old engines
  • Commendable Engine cleaning
Lubricates well even at high tempsExpensive
Reduces oil consumption
Provides high thermal stability

7. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor

Why We Love It?

  • Guarantees 20,000 miles of protection
  • Synthetic blend keeps your engine clean  & smooth
  • Prevents deposits & sludge build-up
Provides Smoother PerformanceCan burn easily
Lasts longer than most oils

Also, check out our article on the 5 Best Gas Mileage Trucks for under $5000!


In this article, we reviewed some of the top oils for cars, and since they are a basic necessity of car maintenance. Opting for quality car engine oils is crucial. Cars can last way longer than even their promised lifespan if maintained properly & to begin with, the finest car oil is the first place to start at.

And after reading this guide, We hope that you’ll find your pick out of these finest brands oil for cars. But before you go, check out our FAQ box to get more questions regarding car oil answered.

Related Material

Want to learn more about the behavior of viscosity of engine oils? Check out this detailed resource:


How to find out which oil viscosity does your car takes?

There are two easy ways to find out about the recommended viscosity for your engine oils. First, open up your hood check the oil cap. Usually, all the details there are mentioned by manufacturers. However, just in case it’s not present, then refer to your owner manual in the maintenance section. For more info, refer to this resource.

What is the best oil for your car?

First, you need to find out which car your oil takes by following the above-mentioned method & then go through this article to get your answer on what is the best motor oil for your car. Just a few things to note, use the correct viscosity do not use thicker ones since new engines are not designed for that. Even if your car burns a bit of oil it’s better to use the recommended one instead of upgrading it to a thicker one.

What is the most optimal change interval for engine oils?

Although there are oils that guarantees over 20k miles change interval, however, I don’t recommend it. It’s better to change even the long-lasting oils at least once a year or before 10k miles. Since oil changing is relatively cheaper, and engines are not. If you’re using a conventional oil I recommend a max of 3k to 4k miles, however, with a good synthetic motor oil brand you can extend this to 10k.

How to change oil in your car?

Changing oil is not a hard job to perform, so for your convenience here is an easy to understand video guide by Chris fix:

 Information-wise I enlightened you with many details, now it’s time for you to select the finest engine oil & give your car a new life.