10 Best Paint Remover for Rims to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 There is nothing worse looking for your car than your rims that are rusty and have broken paint. 

Not only does it give your car a very unkempt look but also tells a lot about you on how much you care for your possessions. Nobody would want to be seen as someone who is careless. But what is the solution to this problem? It is finding the best paint remover for rims

So we have prepared for you a list of the best paint remover for rims of your car which will completely change your cars rims shines and appeal. 

Why Cleaners first

The reason why we have cleaners on our list is because these are as important for removing paint as the paint remover itself, so one cannot shy away from these products when they are looking for the best way to remove paint from wheels. 

We have also provided guides at the end of this article called, Conclusion, How to and Mini Guide.

Best Paint Remover For Rims 2021:

Following is a list of the top 10 paint removers for your rims:

Best Paint RemoversRatingsPrice
Chemical Guys Rim Cleaner10/10 (Editors Choice)
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Adam’s Wheel and Rim Cleaner9/10
Check Price
Chemical Guys Signature Cleaner9/10
Check Price
Sunnyside Advanced Paint Remover
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Evapo-Rust Non-Toxic Remover
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CarPro Iron X Remover9/10
Check Price
Turtle Wax Remover8/10
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Chemical Guys Decon Pro Remover
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Star Brite Easy Clean Remover9/10
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Krud Kutter Metal Clean9/10
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1. Chemical Guys Rim Cleaner 

Amazing features we loved

  • Sticks grime to remove it
  • Superior contaminants removal
  • Balanced pH

Applicable on multiple surfaces
Not a stand alone remove
Good concentration

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2. Adam’s Wheel and Rim Cleaner

Amazing features we loved

  • Eliminates heavy brake dust
  • Metallic contamination remover
  • Safe for various wheel finishes

Superior cleaning formula
Not safe for aluminum
Easy spray bottle design

3. Chemical Guys Signature Cleaner 

Amazing features we loved

  • Cleans and removes brake dust
  • Used for other purposes as well
  • Removes dirt

Citrus based formula
Can be harmful for citrus allergic
Good for various rim types

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4. Sunnyside Advanced Paint Remover

Amazing features we loved

  • Sturdy paint remover from plastic even
  • Can be an aircraft paint remover
  • Cuts through multiple layers of paint

Fast acting liquid
Not fairly suitable for aluminum
Effective on latex and oil based paints
Can be expensive for wider areas
Comes in a tin packaging

5. Evapo-Rust Non-Toxic Remover

Amazing features we loved

  • Non toxic formula
  • Biodegradable
  • 1 gallon for 300lbs of steel

Does not harm if in human contact
Can spill over
Removes rust effectively
It very runny and not concentrated

6. CarPro Iron X Remover

Amazing features we loved

  • Anti dust
  • Safe for metallic surfaces
  • Acid free formula

Protects and decontaminates
Slightly expensive
Amazon guarantee
Anti rust

7. Turtle Wax Remover

Amazing features we loved

  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Protective coating after use
  • Relatively cheap

Rust remover
Will need frequent replacement
Brings shine

8. Chemical Guys Decon Pro Remover

Amazing features we loved

  • Spray bottle design
  • Tested formula
  • Effective even on areas of paint failure

pH is balanced
Is slightly expensive
Neutralizing agents

9. Star Brite Easy Clean Remover

Amazing features we loved

  • Easy to hold bottle
  • Spray bottle design
  • Requires no extensive scrubbing

Great for metal areas
Bottle might seem unattractive to some
Highly effective corrosive formula

10۔ Krud Kutter Metal Clean

Amazing features we loved

  • Prepares the surface for painting
  • Applicable on metal
  • Effective for paint peeling, chipping

Removes rust
Severe effect if in direct human contact
Removes oil
Bottle may cause spillage
32oz bottle


If you’re looking for the best paint remover for rims, then you need to prepare your rims for that process too and even if it is to be used as an aircraft paint remover, you still need to prepare the surface and some of these product in the list do just that.

After that you can choose to use the best spray paint for rims to have your desired look for the car. This is a fairly comprehensive list covering all the major points around you finding the best paint remover for rims but we would also like to answer a few commonly asked questions.

Additional Information

Why Remove The Paint?

Why would you want to remove pain of your rims, the answer to that would be to give your aluminum or alloy wheels a completely new look after which you can repaint them by using the best spray paint for rims. There are many products in the market that are used as an aircraft paint remover but those do not work very well on your car’s rims. These products include avid rust removers which help in removing broken paint.

Now why we included rust removers is because even after you’ve used the best sanding discs for paint removal the rims are still not ready to be repainted, so these rust and broken paint removers become a must have for you to have a long-lasting life for your rims. 

How to

How to remove chrome from wheels?

Firstly remove the wheel from the rim and then apply a wheel polish all over the wheel. After than sand the surface by using the best sanding discs for paint removal, a medium grit would be best suited. By this process, most of the chrome plating will be removed, now coat the entire rim with polish once again.

How to remove paint from plastic car bumper?

Firstly, wash with soap and water, then apply the remover and add WD-40 spray. Gently remove the stuck paint and finish with a polish and detailer spray. 


Some of the important things to note before you remove paint off your rims to have all the essentials ready, sandpaper, primer, cleaner, and the best spray paint for rims to be used afterward. Use overspray protection and thoroughly clean the entire rim before you apply any of the spray paint. Using this process you will surely find any product to work as one of the best paint removers for rims, even if the paint is chipping or falling off. 


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