8 Best Car Scents to Buy in 2021

air freshener for carI hope you will agree when I say:

 A good car scent is a must to have to avoid the embarrassment of the smell of dinner you had last night. 

That said, a great car scent can prove to be really helpful when it comes to long trips to your holiday destination or even when you are stuck in traffic.

Car air freshener scents can help overcome road fury and even add a sense of peacefulness to your daily travel. This is why we will help you get the best car scents for your ride.

Moreover, for your convenience, we have also included a buying guide to help answer different common questions you might have in your mind. Read till the conclusion to get a better idea of what you need. So let’s begin!

Best Car Scents in 2021:

Here is the list of our top picks for the best car scents in 2021.

Best Car ScentRating
Yankee Candle Car Jar Air Freshener 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Febreze Car Air Freshener Vent Clips 9/10
Little Trees UFC-17889-24 Car Air Freshener 9/10
Yankee Candle Vent Clip 9/10
Vyaime Car Diffuser Air Freshener 9/10
Little Trees Black Ice Car Freshener 8/10
PURGGO Car Air Freshener 8/10
Auto Scents Air Freshener 7/10

1) Yankee Candle Car Jar Air Freshener

Why we love it?

  • Pack of 3 different scents
  • Made of 100% recyclable material
  • Up to 4 weeks of fragrance life
  • Mild faint smell for people with allergies
  • Ample quantity in a compact container
Long-lasting smell keeps your car freshNot recommended for people who like strong smell
Good quantity for one month's usageJar can break if it falls
Compact and easy to hang/carry
Smell doesn't irritate your nose

2) Febreze Car Air Freshener Vent Clips

Why we love it?

  • Pack of 4 packed scents 
  • 2 different smell for variability
  • Light, mild, and fresh scents for long drives
  • Eliminates pre-existing odours
  • Can be attached to the car’s vent easily
Removes unwanted smellExpensive
Long-lasting scent, effective for 30 daysNo refills
Compact and easy to use
Can adjust the intensity of the smell

3) Little Trees UFC-17889-24 Car Air Freshener

Why we love it?

  • Long-lasting smell that lasts up to 60 days
  • 50% of recycled material is used
  • High-quality standards of functionality
  • Fragrance intensity is adjustable
  • Robust can-like shape to prevent damage
Fiber can is biodegradable Can can cause injury
Slider level allows for light and strong smellsLight smell
Multi-purpose product that erases odours
Premium quality material

4) PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Why we love it?

  • New technology, innovative style
  • The long-lasting scent that works for a year
  • Absorb air smell and eliminates bad odours
  • Extremely safe for kids and for people with allergies
  • Made with bamboo, environment-friendly
Last more than a yearExpensive
Bamboo charcoal absorbs all smellsCan't remove strong smells
Easy to put up on the back of the seat
Decomposes naturally

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5) Little Trees Black Ice Car Freshener

Why we love it?

  • Aesthetic design to hang anywhere
  • Long-lasting powerful scent 
  • Cost-effective and functional 
  • Multi-purpose product
Elegant smellDon't last too long
Boost your moodMight give you a headache

6) Vyaime Car Diffuser Air Freshener

Why we love it?

  • LED Light for a stylish touch
  • Big capacity to hold mist
  • Works on 7 different modes with rich functions
  • Essential oils diffuser for aromatherapy
Removes dust particles Expensive
Purifies air Can be suffocating for people

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7) Auto Scents Air Freshener

Why we love it?

  • 60 pads per pack which a great amount
  • New car scent for an enhances clean environment
  • Affordable and of great value
  • Easy to use and set up
Natural smell Pads can be dangerous for children
Removes mild unpleasant smellNot long-lasting smell

8) Yankee Candle Vent Clip

Why we love it?

  • Top rated brand scent
  • Adjustable fragrance strength 
  • Last up to 6 weeks
  • Odour neutralising scent
  • Made of 100% recyclable material
Last long up to 6 weeks Might be shipped with no scent
Vent clips help to regulate the smell


In this article, we reviewed some of the best car scents, and since they are important to improve your overall travel experience, opting for long-lasting car scents is crucial. Car scents can help you forget about a bad day at work or even a traffic jam with their sweet smell.

And after reading this guide, We hope that you’ll find your pick out of these best air freshener for car. But before you go, check out our FAQ box to get more questions regarding car air fresheners.

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh clean scent in their cars? In fact, during long drives, summers, we all wish our cars didn’t give off the humid rotten smell. Humidifiers, air fresheners, and car scents are all great products to get rid of odours and to have your car smelling great!

But buying these products is harder than it seems. You may ask, what’s so hard in buying a small pack of air scents, well you wouldn’t want your car to suffocate you or miss out on new innovative technology.

We’ve come a long way and alternations to hanging scent sticks exist. We’re sure you’ve come across some unique products in the above list.

That’s why we encourage you to take the following steps before buying the scent that suits your car best:

  1. Do your research! Workaround different sites to see which scents are most recommended and for what age group, ambiance, and car size. You wouldn’t want a musky scent in taxis? Or something that triggers allergies.
  2. Always go for natural mild smells. Flowery and ocean scents are some examples that give your car a fresh look.
  3. Look for products that are easy to set up with the environment of your car!

Here are some common queries:

What are the different types of car air fresheners?

ANS) There are several different car air fresheners such as diffuser air freshener, plug-in air freshener, cardboard, pads, sticky, and spray air fresheners for cars.

How do air fresheners work more effectively?

ANS) They tend to work better when air is flowing over the car freshener.


 Get your car a pleasant smell! 

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